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Sales Skills Boot Camp

(Selling at Combat Speed)

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   Sales Skills Boot Camp (Selling at Combat Speed)


If you thought the first day was fast paced, then strap on your boots and buckle up. By the end of the day, should you choose to take the mission, you will begin the journey to becoming a Sales Warrior. Some will emulate you while others will be envious. People will wonder when their ship is coming in not knowing your ship is already out to sea. You will become a lifelong student to the fundamentals that create the success of any sales warrior. And at the day when the smoke has cleared, it will be you – the Sales Warrior – who stands alone.

Lace up your boots. Strap on your helmet. Arm yourself and get ready for the transformation of a lifetime. No excuses. Be a warrior – a Sales Warrior!

08:30 Registration
09:00 Introduction to Day 2 and review Day I
09:30 Second Base – Identifying Needs

Purpose: What’s in a Question? As salespeople, we seem to ask questions, but the wrong kind of questions. The process seems more like an interrogation than a needs discovery. What’s even worse is that we tend to be thinking about our next question while the prospect is giving an answer instead of really listening. Mike will go not great detail on questioning techniques and help you understand the how to control the sales process by asking questions and really listening to the prospect.
11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Third Base – Delivering a Managed Presentation

Purpose: Salespeople do a better job at presenting than any other task. However, normally we are delivering canned presentations because we did not go through the process. Delivering a managed presentation is the easiest part of the sales process if done correctly.
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Home Plate - Closing and Overcoming Objections

Purpose: If you have effectively moved through the P-Effect, then overcoming objections and closing is easy. It is the next logical step. However, most salespeople get the “deer in the headlights” look when faced with an objection. Mike will teach you how to classify and overcome every objection and earn the right to ask for the close.
14:30 Coffee Break
14:45 Bonus Material – Setting Goals / Time Management / Successful Prospecting

Purpose: Being a successful salesperson requires more than just mastering the sales process. Setting goals, managing your time, and prospecting are critical elements to a salesperson’s success.
15:45 Q&A – V-8 Moments
16:00 Informal Reception, photo session, Book Signing, interviews

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