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  The Influential Manager

How to improve your personal effectiveness and influencing skills to get the results that you want

This programme explores how to reconcile the need as a manager to influence people and make friends at the same time. Reconciling these diverse and disparate needs is a dilemma for many managers. This programme will show you how to be more assertive, and create a win/win situation for all parties. It will also examine how to run meetings more effectively, and persuade difficult individuals to come around to your point of view.

Aims of the seminar:

We all know people that appear not only to be confident, but also seem to be able to negotiate well with others. Sometimes we feel this way ourselves, but not always. This programme will give delegates the time to self analyse, and build on those traits in their personality that work well, and give a framework and awareness of how to avoid creating problems in relating to others.

It will examine the concept of what it takes to be an effective communicator, how to work well with others and say ‘no’ without causing offence. Attendees will also learn how to use body language to influence and manage one to one and group interactions.

Who will benefit?

Any manager, team leader, or supervisor who wishes to develop their inter-personal skills and become better negotiators, or finds that they have to deal with challenging or difficult individuals in the work place.

Contents & Coverage

What are the factors that inhibit us being as effective as we would like to be in our day to day working activities and inter-personal relationships?

Self Analyse
Using an assessment instrument to find out more about yourself.

How to make a good first impression
An exploration of how your initial contact with others can really make a difference with regard to ongoing contact

Body language
What are the key elements of non verbal communication, and what do you need to bear in mind dealing with people from different cultures?

Barriers to communication
Gaining an understanding of what can stop you communication as effectively as you would like

The key steps in successful negotiation
Aiming for a win/win situation and having a back up should your negotiation plan not go as smoothly as you would want

Enhance your persuasion and influencing techniques
How to steer the conversation back on track, when it appears to be going off at a tangent
Learning to adapt your style to the needs of others

Insight into the influence of personality style
How to handle a range of different personalities in an effective and professional manner

Running meetings effectively
How to chair meetings, encourage people to talk more, - or shut up --!

Conflict management
Getting to the root cause of conflict, and resolving disagreements

Acting as an ambassador for the team that you manage
Taking forward problems and issues raised by team members, by communicating and meeting with managers from other parts of the organisation.

Handling aggressive, or too passive behaviour
How can you stand up for yourself in a clear and assertive manner?

How do others try to manipulate us to their way of thinking?
Exploring a variety of ways that others might use to persuade any of us to do something we do not wish to do.

Tools to use to put across your point of view
Fogging, negative feelings assertion, and discrepancy assertion – how can you use these different techniques to state your case?

Developing an action plan
In practical terms, how can you use the range of techniques learnt during the day to influence others effectively, and create a feeling of well being and success around you?

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