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  Team Leader Development

Their Vital Role in Succeeding through People

This seminar will develop your leadership skills, in order to inspire, motivate and develop your team

Aims of the seminar:

Through practical analysis and with suggestions based on best current practice rather than theory, this program will enable you to understand:

  • The style of leadership it is appropriate to adopt as a team leader

  • How teams develop and change, and what it takes to keep them on track

  • The need to develop a continuous improvement environment for your team members to feel valued and want to give more in terms of ideas for improvement

  • How to be able to motivate and empower/enable staff in order to be able to increase productivity

This programme explores the qualities and key competencies that contribute to successful team leadership. You will take away a useful behavioural model to help you deal effectively and persuasively with a range of different personalities and characters you might deal with in your everyday working life.

Who will benefit?

Team leaders, supervisors, and those aspiring to become team leaders, project managers, and managers with a high proportion of specialist staff who have had little or no management training……..

Contents & Coverage

How should the role and responsibilities of team leaders change and develop?

What style of leadership is appropriate in different situations?
How best to use a range of different leadership styles according to the situation you are faced with

How to create an environment and culture to motivate your staff
The 10 keys steps you need to take to introduce a continuous improvement environment

The creation of a team
Belbin’s concept concerning a well balanced team, including how to ensure you are maximizing the potential skills and competencies of your team members.

The different stages of team development
Your team will develop and change over the years. A key member of the team might leave; another person might join and not fit in so well. How can you keep the team on track, and productivity in place?

Developing a framework for successful enablement / empowerment
To successfully delegate tasks and responsibilities to others will often need to be gradually undertaken using effective communication, coaching or training. How to assess the appropriate approach in different situations

Facilitation skills: Balancing tasks and people
Getting the balance right and making sure that your staff are self motivated to be productive

Creation of the learning environment
How to open up other people’s mind to development activities

Communication barriers
What can inhibit good communication between individuals, and how to break down these barriers?

Questioning & listening skills
Open and closed questions, and understanding how to probe to find out what someone really wants

Communicating effectively with difficult individuals
Using a behavioral model to help you present ideas to your colleagues, some of whom you might have found challenging to deal with in the past

Performance management
Confidently giving feedback to staff members to maximize performance

Continuous improvement in action
Problem solving through root cause analysis, and the creation of action learning sets to remedy issues

Communication mapping
Who do you have to link with internally to take things forward? How to negotiating effectively and persuasively for funds, resources, space or time

Action plan
Creating a realistic action plan to take things forward on returning to work

NOTE: The seminar includes exercises, a training film and is practical throughout in its focus and approach.

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