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AIM Inlines latest service to help you improve your business communication needs. To learn more click here.

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  Powerful Business Writing

Techniques to explain, inform, prompt action - and impress

A practical new workshop to help you communicate effectively in writing - everything from an e-mail to a report and to do so informatively, persuasively and memorably - and carry readers with you.


Communications is an essential part of organizational life and work. We all do it all the time: it creates discussion. Prompts debate and instigates action. Without communication organizations would not achieve their targeted result. Yet it is not easy; breakdowns in most people communications in writing can present the greatest problem. It can also be a time consuming chore. This program will show you how to communicate in writing more easily, and with a greater likelihood of your message being understood (completely understood) and acted on. It will not only enable you to write more impressively, it will also help you get the words down more quickly.


The seminar focuses on the special nature of written communication, and how to make it create real impact. It will:

  • Show you how to make your written communications clear, distinctive and - above all-impressive

  • Review how to get the words down quickly and easily

  • Highlight how you can add "personality" to your message and differentiate yourself and your message

  • Review the special characteristics of written communication in particular forms: letters, e-mail, longer documents and reports and proposals.

Course Outline!


The role of written communications and the opportunity to create a positive impression - the danged of bland and formulaic approaches creating the wrong impression and diluting effectiveness - what readers expect and what you need to achieve.

Getting the light words down

A systematic approach to writing that makes it easier and quicker to create something effective - setting clear objectives - creating a clear and appropriate structure - drafting and finalizing the text - the overall impact on the recipients of your messages.

Using language effectively

The importance of adopting the right style creating a favorable impression on customers - projecting personal and corporate personality - striking a distinctive note - correct language: making it persuasive, not annoying people and making language work for you - using layout and "look" to maximize interest.

Matching style to method

Selecting methods; letters, fax and e-mail - approaches that suit your purpose:

  • To create initial interest

  • To respond to others' communications

  • To keep in touch and build relationships

And to deal effectively with special circumstances, for example, responding to customer complaints or communication with the press.

Longer documents

Writing reports and proposals - selecting a suitable structure - organizing the material - creating readability and making it flow, while covering all the necessary content and keeping the whole thing manageable.

Who Should Attend?

Every executive or manager who has to "put pen to paper" whether their communications are external or internal and who wants to be understood and make their messages count.


Habits and style that can influence you’re writing in future.

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