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  Maximizing Sales Effectiveness

Techniques of sales excellence to build profitable business

How to outsmart and outsell your competitors


This seminar is designed specifically to help you win profitable business. It presents powerful methods, concepts and techniques designed to win orders in competitive conditions.

The coverage reflects the activity necessary to match the challenges coming from buyers in competitive economic times: the need for customer focus and the creative nature of successful sales activity.


Through practical analysis and with suggestions based on best current practice rather than theory, it sets out to:

  • Analyze changes occurring in difficult market conditions and suggest responses

  • Review the techniques of selling and focus on key areas that make selling successfully more likely

  • Highlight techniques to differentiate you, your company and your product or service from competition.

Course Outline!


Selling defined: who sells? What that entails and how it relates to overall marketing activity?

  • The challenge of competitive markets
    Selling was never easy, nowadays it is downright difficult: the new realities and challenge of selling in an increasingly competitive world – the task related to the situation sales people face in the real world

  • The concept of customer orientation
    The personal approach to help you maximize your sales effectiveness – tailoring your approach and manner to individual buyers

  • Preparing for action
    Before the sales meeting – action to create a favorable situation for yourself – keeping and using good records and information – individual call planning – picking up and linking to customer expectations (and prior knowledge/image of organization) – product knowledge as a foundation to success

  • Focusing to create the best potential
    Key approaches to making sure you set up the best sales meetings – seeing the right people – identifying the decision making hierarchy

  • First impressions last
    Starting as you mean to go on – looking the part – setting the scene and engaging each individual customer’s interest in a unique way – building rapport and being seen as professional

  • Every customer is different
    Understanding customers – assessing their situation and adopting the manner and approach that will suit them best

  • Identifying customers’ requirements
    What customers want – identifying their needs – questioning techniques (and listening skills) to provide the information basis to allow the meeting to move in the right direction

  • The persuasive core of the meeting
    Presenting your case and making it powerful – the concept of benefits and features and how to utilize it - ensuring what you say is clear and understandable, attractive and well matched to the individual customer, and credible

  • Seeing is believing
    The effective use of sales aids to enhance sales effectiveness

  • Responding to customer objections
    Taking a positive view of, and dealing effectively with, objections – prevention and cure – the route to additional opportunities, a creative approach - the specifics of price objection handling and the link to negotiation

  • Gaining a commitment
    Watching for “buying signals” and ensuring an effective “close” at the right moment– different types of commitment and follow up action to move to an actual order

  • Follow through action
    Action to create continuity and set the scene for securing interest and generating repeat business – ongoing communications tactics that utilize a range of methodology (from telephone to e-mail and letters) – link to ongoing account management (another book).

  • The way ahead
    Key attitudes and actions to maximize success and ensure it continue & develop over time.

NOTE: The seminar includes exercises, a training film and is practical throughout in its focus and approach.

Who Should Attend?

All those wanting to communicate persuasively with customers, win business and create and build positive customer relationships.

What You Will Learn?

This is a practical program, delegates will learn a systematic approach to deploying proven sales techniques to boost their sales performance and match their approach to individual customers.

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