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  Getting the Most From Your Sales Team

Excellent people – a winning team – and the results you want!


Selling was never easy. In today’s highly competitive market conditions it can be downright difficult. The sales team is a key element in the marketing armory. Every member of the team must operate to maximize their performance – they must be knowledgeable, skilled and well motivated to enable them succeed and go on succeeding. This program reviews how the manager supervising the team can work constructively to fine-tune what individuals do in a dynamic environment, and maximize overall performance. It reflects the attitude that even the best performance can be improved.

Course Outline!

  • Defining the role of the sales team
    Creating the ideal team & balancing responsibilities

  • Working to maximize sales performance
    Effective evaluation of sales peoples’ performance and identifying areas for change

  • Working with individual team members
    To develop individual’s competence and improve performance of the whole team

  • Running effective sales meetings
    To conduct constructive, practical, useful group meeting and setting appropriate agenda

  • Motivating for better results
    To create a consistently positive morale amongst the team – the motivational manager

  • Key issues for the future
    Role in innovation and managing change, action to stay ahead in the market

Who Should Attend?

Managers, Directors and those charged with creating and managing a sales team, or with regional responsibilities for a team. Also for support or training staff who want an appreciation of the process.

What You Will Learn?

Participants will be able to:

  • Measure and maximize sales productivity

  • Understand the characteristics of the “best” team

  • Analyze how to improve individual performance

  • Deal with (and improve) any poor performance

  • Encourage and maintain self sufficiency amongst team members

  • Apply the best/lowest cost motivator

  • Learn ways to make team meetings more effective

  • Improve retention the best team members

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