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  Marketing for Non-Marketing Executives


Many executives who are not familiar with marketing are mystified by the role marketing played in their companies. The purpose of this course is to explain the basics of marketing and the role that it played vis-ΰ-vis the other departments in a company or organisation. In addition to see how they relate to the marketing departments of their companies, participants will be able to see how marketing affects their daily lives.


To understand the role and functions of marketing in the company_ and how that affects the other departments in the company.


At the end of the seminar, participants will have a very good understanding of the following:

  1. The important role of marketing in their companies.

  2. The sequence of activities flowing from the marketing process.

  3. How companies analyze the internal and external environment affecting their markets.

  4. The tools used by marketing professionals.

  5. How to relate to the marketing department for the benefit of their companies.

Course Outline!

  1. The concept of marketing
    • How marketing differs from sales
    • What is marketing
    • Role of marketing in a company

  2. Marketing planning process
    • Strategic direction
    • Situation analysis
    • Marketing objectives
    • Marketing strategy
    • Marketing tactics

  3. Market research
    • Its role in identifying needs and market potential

  4. Strategic Business Unit (SBU) portfolio consideration
    • Boston Consulting Group model
    • General Electric model

  5. SWOT analysis
    • Internal environment
    • External environment

  6. Company’s internal environment
    • Product and service
    • Pricing strategies
    • Channels of distribution
    • Advertising and sales promotion
    • Other aspects

  7. External environment scanning
    • Economic
    • Demographic
    • Environment
    • Technology
    • Political
    • Cultural

  8. Market analysis and strategy
    • Segmentation
    • Positioning
    • Product life cycle
    • Competitive analysis and strategy
    • Identify market opportunities


This is a very intensive workshop with extensive discussions, exercises and case studies.

Who Should Attend?

All non-marketing executives who want to understand how marketing affect their jobs and functions. It is also suitable for businessmen and entrepreneurs seeking to have a better understanding of marketing and how it affects their companies.

Duration Two Days

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