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  Expand Your Asian Markets Through Distributors


Going regional and doing business overseas demands specialised skills, knowledge and expertise that can make or break a company. Among the various market entry methods, setting up a distributor network must certainly rank as the most important and cost effective way of marketing one’s products overseas.


To enable participants to acquire expertise in setting up and managing overseas distributor sales network to export their products to Asia.


Establishing a good overseas distribution network and managing it well will result in increased export sales in both the short and long terms.

Who Should Attend?

All personnel who are responsible for international marketing for their companies and are keen to increase their sales in the Asia/Pacific region.

Course Outline!

Factors to consider in market entry in the following Asian countries and territories: Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

Factors to consider include economic data, tariff, non-tariff barriers, business entities permitted, types of intermediaries available and other considerations.

  1. How to prioritise markets in Asia
    • LIM Target Market Model

  2. Why use distributors?
    • Distributor vs Direct Sales
    • Types of Distributors

  3. How to design distribution channel
    • Division of functional responsibility

  4. Sourcing prospective distributors
    • Traditional and non-traditional sources
    • Solicitation
    • Approval procedure

  5. Planning country visits
    • planning guidelines
    • tips
    • check reference

  6. Developing business plans with distributors
    • Sales manpower needs
    • Sales training programs
    • Develop sales territories

  7. Negotiate distributor agreement
    • Key points to watch out
    • Sample agreement

  8. Set up a policy manual

  9. Audit distributor performance

  10. Motivate distributors
    • Power of distributors
    • Understand needs of distributors
    • Ways of motivation

  11. Handling conflicts with distributors
    • Direct accounts
    • Territorial disputes
    • Pricing
    • Parallel imports and exports

  12. Impact of e-channel

  13. Terminating non-performing distributors


Lecture, cases, exercises, and extensive discussions.

Duration Two Days

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