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Toyota Talent

David P. Meier


   Toyota Talent - Bangkok


29th of October, 2008
Radisson Hotel, Bangkok
09:00 a.m. To 04:00 p.m.

A Full day Seminar by David P. Meier
Developing Your People THE TOYOTA WAY

  • How Toyota achieves great success
  • Typical mistakes during lean implementation
  • Pros and cons of lean implementation methods
  • To understand the Toyota Production System (TPS)
  • To create a systematic method to drive continuous improvement
  • 4P model for excellence--Philosophy, People, Problem-Solving, and Process


Toyota TalentDeveloping People and Lean Processes

This one-day seminar presented by David Meier, co-author of the best-selling business books, “Toyota Talent” “The Toyota Way Fieldbook” and will uncover the Secrets of Toyota’s amazing success and how you can make it a reality in your company.

In this seminar you will have the opportunity to learn from an international authority on the Toyota Way (Lean Manufacturing). David Meier has spent 20 years learning from, and studying Toyota. In this seminar he will share with you what he has learned about how you can create lean systems and develop highly capable people in your organization.

David will show you how to deal with the challenges of implementing a lean system and how to create a process of continuous improvement that will return benefits for many years. He will outline the need for an effective method of developing people and the importance of talented people in growing and strengthening your business.

Toyota Talent provides you with the inside knowledge you need to

  • Identify your development needs and create a training plan
  • Understand the various types of work and how to break complicated jobs into teachable skills
  • Set behavioral expectations by properly preparing your workplace
  • Recognize and develop potential trainers within your workforce
  • Effectively educate no manufacturing employees and members of the staff
  • Develop internal Lean Manufacturing experts

Guiding you with expert tips and training aids, as well as real-world examples drawn from the authors' two decades of research and field work, Liker and Meier show you how to get the most out of people who live and breathe your company's philosophy-and who work together toward a common goal.

His book TOYOTA TALENT & THE TOYOTA WAY FIELDBOOK was best-selling business book in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestseller. David had the opportunity to learn the Toyota Production System as one of the first group leaders hired at Toyota’s Georgetown, Kentucky facility in the plastics molding department.

For more information on TOYOTA TALENT, or to bring Toyota’s Success Principle to your firm, please contact us.

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