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Ron White

Bring the Mind of Einstein
to Your Organization

A Message from Ronnie White

“In my talk Maximize Your Memory Skills, I cover three key areas. The first area is Memory Skills to Boost Your Productivity. I do the exact same demonstration live for your group that I did on FOX television when I broke the Guinness World Record for memory by  memorizing a 28-digit number in 1 minute and 15 seconds. This will generate the excitement and interest on how powerful the human brain actually is. Then we transition to remembering names and faces.  We will talk about the value of giving speeches without using notes and being able to memorize your product knowledge or information pertinent to your job.
The second part is Triple Your Memory, Triple Your Organization’s Productivity.

A system to give speeches without notes whether your talk is 5 minutes or 5 hours –
NO NOTES! This builds confidence and communication skills. 
- Learn to build relationships by remembering names today, tomorrow and in five years! What would happen to your business if you remembered every customer’s name and could greet them by name when out in public?

- Give speeches without notes! Discover the ability to effortlessly talk in front of a group without notes. This is an elite skill and when you have it your confidence will skyrocket!

And finally, A Taste of Speed Reading will cover everything from the very basics of speed reading to building your vocabulary and remembering what you read. The goal is not to simply read faster, the goal is to read faster coupled with retaining what you are reading.

In this fun, inspiring and educational seminar world memory expert Ron White will teach you to triple your memory and triple your productivity! Ron will memorize a 60 digit number right in front of your eyes and then he will repeat it from memory forwards and backwards! This will earn the attention of everyone in the group and then he will teach tangible, real and step by step memory techniques that anyone can learn and benefit from.

You will be amazed at your own memory when you are able to hear 50 words ONCE and then just as Ron does repeat them from memory forwards and backwards! You will be motivated and inspired when you realize that your memory is amazing and you have hidden memory talents inside your brain!

As you learn these techniques I will show you how to implement these strategies to triple the productivity of your organization. He will guide you in applying these skills to impact the environment of your organization forever! Your organization will be operating at peak efficiency when everyone is able to recall training, product information, details from books and seminars and much more!

This seminar will be one you will never forget. I am looking forward to it and I hope you are as well.

Call AIM Inlines or email and let’s schedule this wonderful opportunity for your group today.”

Ronnie White
USA Memory Champion (2009-2010)

Don’t let another day go by without tapping in to your own unique memory skills. You do have it! You just need Ron White to help you release the power of your memory!  For more information on this Memory Master Class please contact us.  These series of Seminars are organized by AIM inlines, AIM Training.

For more information on “Bring the Mind of Einstein to Your Organization” please contact us.

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