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Science of Achievement

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 Science of Achievement


If you have ever promised yourself "things are going to change" only to realize months or even years later that you never got out of the starting blocks... then you are about to discover that “ONE THING” that can literally transform your business and life overnight.

Michael Bolduc is deemed “The World’s #1 Coach to Set & Achieve Goals” by best-selling author, motivational speaker, and success expert Brian Tracy, Master Coaching with Michael Bolduc provides much more than a method for achieving goals.

What inhibits you from the achievement of your goals?  In most cases, it’s one of three things: a lack of clarity in terms of what you truly want, an inner-conflict or mistaken belief convincing you that it’s beyond attainment, or a lack of a proven strategy to attain your goals.  All three of these cases will cause you to linger in a “stuck” state, unable to move forward until one or all are addressed.  

In order to achieve your goals, you must identify exactly what they are, let go of negating thought processes that hinder forward movement, and seek a proven path directed at the fulfillment of your goals.

Here are some examples of what you’ll Learn in the seminar:
How To Identify What You Really Want In Life
It could be different from what you think – discover the surprising reasons why.
How To Develop A Life and Career Plan that’s Aligned With Your Passion and Purpose
And carry out your genius mastermind plan with clarity and power
The Secret to Accomplish Your Biggest Goals and Dreams
Unlock the secret to finishing what you start so you can turn your dreams into reality.
How To Motivate Yourself to STAY ON TRACK to Achieve Your Dream Life
Learn breakthrough techniques to instantly tap into your most resourceful state
How To Develop An Unshakable Confidence In Yourself
Know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to
Turn “I can’t” to ”I can” – and transform your obstacles into power
How To Overcome Setbacks and Defeat
Turn any challenge into an equal or greater benefit


The number one reason people fail – even those who have made the study of success a priority is that they don’t have the tools to identify and systematically shift lifelong habits of self-sabotage.

You may think of yourself as being “lazy” or “unmotivated,” but I can show you that without exception those thoughts were implanted in your subconscious years ago.

And I can show you the proven techniques I’ve used to help thousands of others change those damaging self-images and begin making immediate progress toward their goals.


When you understand the importance of holding yourself to a higher standard, and how to apply those standards to everything you do… that’s when permanent change takes hold.

I’ll show you my strategies for making – and then keeping “honored promises” to yourself (the most important kind of promises you can make!).

And… I’ll show you how to recover when you have those inevitable lapses along the way – so that you don’t slip back into the patterns of self-defeat that have kept you stuck for so long.


Too often we attach the wrong emotional weight to certain results, and then see them as “failures.” But once you make the simple mental switch which I’ll show you, you will see that no single result can determine your destiny, unless you allow it to.

Remember, your expectations are a key influence in the results you get. A single change in how you set yourself up for success will make all the difference!


It’s often been said that “Goals are dreams with deadlines attached.”
But in order to accomplish any goal, you must have a step-by-step plan, so you know at all times precisely where you are in relation to that goal, and exactly what you need to do next.

This is one area where working with an experienced coach can shave years off of your progress. Why take the path of “trial and error” when you can have an experienced guide to give you a personalized Roadmap to Success?


This is where books, tapes, and even motivational seminars can set you up for failure.
What I discovered – both from personal experience and working with thousands of coaching clients – is that it’s too easy to close the book or fly home from the seminar and then fall back into the same self-defeating patterns of behavior you were trying to leave behind.

There’s no doubt that working with an experienced coach, in a structured system of self-accountability is the single most effective way to move forward.

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  • Administrative staff
  • Small business owners
  • Trainers
  • Teachers
  • Speakers
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  • Students
  • Business start-ups
  • High achievers
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By the end of the 1-day seminar you will feel transformed and ready to conquer today’s challenges and start turning your dreams into reality. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to achieve the life of your dreams. This Seminar is organized by AIM inline, AIM Training Co., Ltd. &

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